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We are trying to build different interface to ease the use of NASOQ in different frameworks/languages.

Eigen interface

An Eigen interface is provided in the NASOQ repository in the nasoq/eigen_interface directory. The interface needs Eigen to be installed beforehand. There are two demos, eigen_nasoq_driver.cpp and eigen_lbl_driver.cpp" that show how NASOQ and LBL can be called from Eigen. You need to only include #include "lbl_eigen.h" for using LBL and #include "nasoq_eigen.h" for using NASOQ in your Eigen code.

Matlab interface

The NASOQ Matlab interface needs Libigl and Eigen as well as other dependencies that NASOQ has (see getting started with NASOQ). A simple manual for installing the Matlab interface is provided in the nasoq/matlab directory.